Monday, July 14, 2014

Lemonade Art Fair!

On June 26, 2014 we had a booth at the Lemonade Art Fair in St. Cloud, MN.  St. Cloud is where Danielle and I both grew up and we had attended this fair a million times.  We were VERY overwhelmed with the idea of participating in this but we did it!  I arrived in MN five days before the fair and had an army of AMAZING friends who helped me craft away!  
After crafting on little sleep and for a million hours a day there were a few oopsies... Nothing a seam ripper can't fix!

We made SOOOOO many tote bags that week!

This was our first outdoor fair so we were nervous about that.  We were armed with our tent and had a little hiccup at set up.  They measured our site incorrectly so we had to be moved off to the end.  I guess worse things could happen but we lost our shade spot in the middle of the action.
So many dinos!

I was pretty pumped about my DIY project with $2 frames from the ReStore!

We introduced our pet slide on bandannas!  They go right over the collar so your pet cannot lose them!  

We finished over fifty wristlets that week!

How does one even choose their tote bag out of so many awesome ones?!?!

The show was supposed to go until 8:30 but the rain rolled in at about 6:00 pm.  Luckily it down poured and then gave us a little break before the next down pour to pack up and get out.  I would say it was a successful first outdoor fair!!!

Oh yeah... we raised $350 for orphans that day!  So glad the hard work paid off!

Here is where we donated it :)

$100 to the Jenks family who currently have their two new daughters home on visitor visas and must
complete the adoption by October.  

$50 to the Preciado family adopting Haillie!

$50 to the Aschoff family adopting Leo!

$100 to sweet AnnaMarie who is still waiting for her family to find her!  She ages out in December!!!

$50 to the Novit family adopting Gage and Millie!

In case you were wondering... since we opened last August we have raised $1905!!!  :)  
As always, be blessed!  <3

Sunday, June 8, 2014

May's Number is $65!!!

May has been a VERY busy month for Ginger on a Mission as we prepare for a huge craft fair in St. Cloud, MN on June 26th!!  

This month we raised $65 and this is who we donated to!!

$10 to the Lee family adopting Phineas!!  

$20 for the Sutton family adopting Ebony and Gideon!!

$30 for the Monier family adopting Channah!!!  

$5 to AnnaMarie who needs her forever family to step up fast before she ages out!!!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

April Numbers!

April was an exciting month!  It brought another craft fair which was our best one yet!!!  We raised $250 from our craft fair!  This craft fair was in Maple Grove, MN which was so awesome to be in my home state where my family is.  There was a lot of support and love from some friends there!  Here are some photos from the day:
Card Holders

One lady brought a tote bag to carry her dog Oreo in!

<3 these two.

Meghan made rice hot packs and tutus! 


<3 these ladies lots!

While we were at the craft fair my niece was born down the road!  Baby Emmy sure loved the quilt I made her.  It was the first one I ever made and it turned out alright.  

While home, Danielle and I hit up a fabric outlet store.  Overwhelming is an understatement!  

Where did we donate our money this month? 

$10 to Carolina who is awaiting her forever family!

$10 to Colton who is awaiting his forever family!

$10 to Shawn who is awaiting his forever family!

$10 to the Lee family who is adopting Phineas!

$10 to Dex who is waiting for his forever family to find him!!!
$10 to Marv who is waiting for his forever family to find him!!!
$10 to Aura Lee who is waiting for her forever family to find her!!!
$10 to Rogan who is waiting for his forever family!

$10 for the Preciado family who are adopting gorgeous Hallie.  
$10 to the Aschoff family adopting Leo!

$20 to AnnaMarie who is STILL waiting.  I was her Christmas Warrior and she ages out in DECEMBER!

$10 to the Michaletz family who are adopting Dianna and Anne!
$20 to the Claus family adopting Levi!
$100 dollars to the Jenks family who were chosen to receive the money after we did a giveaway.  They recently returned home with two teenagers who have down syndrome!  I can't share pictures until the adoption is complete in quite a few more months but they are SO precious!!!

April Amount Donated: $250
All Time Total Donated: $1490

May will be a slow month as we prepare for a HUGE craft fair in St. Cloud, MN on June 26th.  Some 10,000 people attend it.... EEEK!

Monday, March 31, 2014

March Number is $120!!

We had another craft fair in March and did fairly well for it being a small one with only about 400 people attending.  We have been up to a lot of sewing and creating a couple new things.  Here are a few glimpses:

Coin Purses

Slide over bandannas, won't fall off!

Two tote bags for two special girls.

A bunch of new wristlets

Some shoppers are our last craft fair

Where is our money going this month?  

$20 for Helen who is waiting for her forever family!

$10 to Jojo who is a sweet diva waiting for her forever family.  She ages out in JULY!

$10 to AnnaMarie who is still waiting for her forever family!

$10 for Berkeley who will be adopted by the Williams family!

$10 for Channah who is being adopted by the Monier Family!
$10 to Anthony and Murray who will be adopted by the Dewberry Family!
$10 to Nathan who is waiting for his forever family!
$10 for Gage and Millie being adopted by the Novit family!

$10 for the Aschoff family adopting Leo.


$20 for the Jenks family currently in Eastern Europe adopting to preteen girls with down syndrome!

2014 total raised: $327
All time raised: $1240

Next craft fair is at the Maple Grove Community Center on April 12 from 9-3.  See you there!