Monday, March 31, 2014

March Number is $120!!

We had another craft fair in March and did fairly well for it being a small one with only about 400 people attending.  We have been up to a lot of sewing and creating a couple new things.  Here are a few glimpses:

Coin Purses

Slide over bandannas, won't fall off!

Two tote bags for two special girls.

A bunch of new wristlets

Some shoppers are our last craft fair

Where is our money going this month?  

$20 for Helen who is waiting for her forever family!

$10 to Jojo who is a sweet diva waiting for her forever family.  She ages out in JULY!

$10 to AnnaMarie who is still waiting for her forever family!

$10 for Berkeley who will be adopted by the Williams family!

$10 for Channah who is being adopted by the Monier Family!
$10 to Anthony and Murray who will be adopted by the Dewberry Family!
$10 to Nathan who is waiting for his forever family!
$10 for Gage and Millie being adopted by the Novit family!

$10 for the Aschoff family adopting Leo.


$20 for the Jenks family currently in Eastern Europe adopting to preteen girls with down syndrome!

2014 total raised: $327
All time raised: $1240

Next craft fair is at the Maple Grove Community Center on April 12 from 9-3.  See you there!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

February's number is: $72.50

Sorry, this post is a little delayed.  A lot has been going on and my laptop seems to think it should be broken more often the working.  February was a slow month but I figured it would be.  

Where did the money go this month?

$7.50 to Caleb who is waiting for his forever family!!!  

$30 to the Jenks family adopting Emilija and Veronika!

$7 to the Bailey family adopting Abraham

$12.50 for the Casebier family adopting Brandy and Brielle

$15.50 to Maddie who is waiting for her forever family to find her!!!

 That brings February's total to $72.50 and this years total to $207.  Ginger on a Mission has raised $1120 since beginning in August of 2013.  

On March 15 we will have a booth at a craft fair in Hartford, WI.  It is at St. Killian School and Church from 9:00-3:00.  If you are local stop on by!!!

Monday, February 3, 2014

January Numbers- $134.5!!!

I cannot believe it is already February.  Where has the time gone?!

The money Ginger on a Mission raised this month goes to the following families/children:

$28.50 for the Perry family who is adopting Vonnie!

$7 to the Alan family who are adopting four angels!
$9.50 for Salome who ages out in March and needs a forever family!
$8 to the Settles family adopting Hudson!
$20 to the Jenks family who will be adopting Veronika and Emilija! 

$7 for the Machaletz family adopting Diana and Anne!
$27.50 for the Sutton family adopting Ebony and Gideon!
$6 for Ethan who is dreaming of his forever family!
$21 for the Taylor family who just completed their adoption of Sara, Samuel and Patience!

That is a total of $134.50!!  Wowza.  I assume February will be a rather quiet month as we prepare for two upcoming craft fairs!!  If you are locale, March 15th we will be at St. Killian's Church/School in Hartford, WI.  On April 12th we will be at the Maple Grove Community Center in Maple Grove, MN.  We would love to see you there!

My goal this year for Ginger on a Mission is to raise $3000.  In the four months of our existence in 2013 we raised about $1000 so I think we can do it!!

 Be blessed.
PS look how adorable the Perry girls are with their tote bags!!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

I am a Family Warrior!!!

Reece's Rainbow introduced a new program that lets people select a family to support as they bring their child home.  The Jenks family added Emilija to their adoption and I have spoken with Rebecca about their journey, fundraising and the girls.  I felt rather torn as who to pick but this seemed like the right choice as I have been advocating for them and Emilija all along.  

The Jenks family currently has six children and have already adopted two babies with Down Syndrome.  Emilija and Veronika will be joining their family so they will then have two teenagers with Down Syndrome.  You may be saying, "I could never do that..."  but they can!  So support them and their awesome family!!!  Veronika is said to be a girly girl and little information is known about Emilija except that she is not in a good orphanage and needs out NOW!  Without a family adopting them, both would be destined to spending their lives in a mental institution.

Some of their current fundraisers are: 
A weekly auction of two items that Mr. Jenks makes. They are AWESOME wooden toys!

A Superbowl fundraiser, pick a square for $10 and have a chance of winning $50-125!!! 

As always, you can help the Jenks family or any other family raise money by shopping on Ginger on a Mission!  

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

December Number is $169.50!

Ginger on a Mission is going to chalk 2013 up as a pretty awesome year!!!  The month of December brought in $169.50 which ends 2013 with a total of $913 for the year!!!!  

Since December was during Angel Tree a big chunk of our money went to AnnaMarie who met her goal of $1000 by the New Year!  

Ginger on a Mission added $100 to AnnaMarie's grant and she is still waiting for a family!

$12.50 went to the Claus family who is adopting Donald!  
$35 to Emilja who will be adopted by the Jenks family!

$11 went to Helen who is waiting for her forever family!

$11 went to Maria who had a family commit to her but they decided they could not move forward.  This little princess has over $16,000 in her grant!  A large part of her adoption is paid for!


The Winner Is....

We did our giveaway for Angel Tree for anyone who donated to either AnnaMarie or Emilija's grant.  Not only has Emilija met her grant.... SHE HAS A FAMILY!!!  AnnaMarie has also met her goal but doesn't have a family yet, but I am sure one is coming any day! 

Let's just say that it was kind of intense and time consuming to type up 55 pages of names for the entries and then paste it into a randomizer on but I did it!  


Rebecca Howard Jenks!!!!!

Ginger on a Mission has donated to the Jenks family's adoption as they have been working on adopting an older child with down syndrome and NOW THEY ARE ALSO ADOPTING EMILIJA!  It was awesome to see a family already working on raising funds for their adoption also donate to AnnaMarie as they understand the difference a family can make for a child! Their sponsorship page on RR can be found here:

Monday, December 16, 2013

Every dollar raised...

Is because the goal is this:

For every child to be in a loving family.